We create playgrounds always with the little users’ safety in mind. Our aim is also to make these places attractive and worthwhile, to help develop motor skills and logical thinking while staying carefree and enjoy their time. We offer comprehensive play and fitness sets as well as single components. Innovative and tested technologies are used to create our swings, roundabouts, educational panels and climbing nets, rockers, slides and accessories.

Our technology includes…

…elementy metalowe.

The components are joined with perfectly smooth welds, invisible and impossible to feel. Metal platforms are covered with an anti-slip layer. The thickness of the coat left after galvanising, chrome covering and powder painting with polyester paint  is between 70 and 150 microns and this increases the durability of such treated components to 30-50 years. Slides are made of stainless steel, metal swings and other components are exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage and load, as well as tear. They are also resistant to weather conditions and intensive sunshine.

…plastic component.

Some components of our playgrounds are made of HDPE board. Depending on the device these include roofs, panels, climbing steps and rockers. The plastic is highly resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Its key advantages include easy machining (drilling, cutting) and a possibility to cut out any shape. The material is available in many colours, which make the playground a lively and attractive place.
We also use LLDPE (low-density polyethylene) to produce our components. The plastic is created in rotomolding technology and mass-coloured. This solution makes all the components smooth and safe and water resistant. The quality is improved by adding anti-static material, which prevents static and makes it more UV resistant. LLDPE is used to produce roofs, division walls, climbing components, slides and bridges



The swings,  slides, rockers and other components are painted with polyester-raisin-based paints, which do not contain TGIC. This product was developed for surfaces exposed to direct atmospheric conditions, is highly resistant to corrosion and UV rays, as well as mechanical damage.


All the components in our structures are joined with clips and fasteners, not welded. The joints are made of aluminium profiles. In metal playgrounds some components are welded, however, the welds are flat and smooth, thanks to which they are almost invisible, imperceptible, and thus fully safe.