The outdoor gyms we design and mount are exposed to damage due to intensive use and permanent exposure to various weather conditions. We know about this and this is why we maintain all the components, and also repair possible damage to parts. As producers we can offer original spare parts perfectly suited to the components, which ensures high safety.
Outdoor gym should be properly inspected in order to avoid serious damage and accidents. We recommend:
•    weekly inspections (visual ones), which include:
–    visual check of completeness of all components and visibility of labels
–    check of facilities cleanliness
–    verification of proper operating of facilities (with focus on movable components)
–    checking fasteners: nuts, screws and welds
•    monthly (functional inspections are carried out depending on the agreement with the gym owner every 1-3 months), which include:
–    checking the structure for stability – mainly foundations
–    verification of moving parts and stoppers
–    checking the level of wear of paint coats and corrosion signs
–    checking the level of facility completeness and wear
•    yearly (basic) – the scope of actions is very similar to functional checks, conducted under PN-EN 1176
Should any irregularities be found at any check mentioned above, we immediately start repairs if we have the relevant spare parts. If the damage is non-standard or the wear is serious, the repair may have to be postponed until we obtain suitable components.  When cooperating with us gym owners may be sure that the leisure and sports areas they created comply with standards and legal regulations in terms of inspection and maintenance. Also based on the inspection or repair we can perform a detailed analysis of risk and safety evaluation. Our customers who use our maintenance and repair service can benefit from increased user trust.