S 005 Street workout 1

  • S 005 Street workout 1
  • S 005 Street workout 1
  • S.005 Street Workout1

    The facility for callisthenic exercise (using own body weight).

    A device for calisthenic exercise (using own body weight). Pulling up strengthens back muscles and helps to slim arms. Good exercise both for beginners and more advanced users, replacement for many complicated activities in a gym. Pulling up on a bar can be performed in a grip or reverse grip, which differ in the level of difficulty and the results.

    Press-ups on low and high bars can be performed even by beginners, however, they are not easy. When performed in a right manner, they involve an enormous number of upper body muscles. This is definitely much more demanding exercise than regular press-ups. They particularly engage chest muscles, triceps, arms and many other muscles which are responsible for proper body posture, like the trapezius and stomach.


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