Our playgrounds use safe materials and component joints. We take care to apply solid solutions in steps, platforms, poles and other structural components. We ensure that the connections of metal and plastic elements are suitably durable and strong. Moreover, metal playgrounds are made of components covered with galvanised steel with chrome, powder-coated, which limits corrosion. Stainless steel screw add to the overall stability of the structure.

Our playgrounds are designed and produced in order to stimulate the child’s psychological and physical development at all times. To ensure your children the highest safety while playing we closely cooperate with certifying bodies:



The Institute issues certificates for playgrounds in compliance with PL_EN 1176:2009, analysing thoroughly the component structure. Its certificate confirms that our products comply with the standards indicated and are safe. Certificates cover play sets, roundabouts, swings, slides, rockers, nets, cable cars, completely covered playing equipment and bouncy equipment. Submitting our products to certification by the Institute we can be sure that we obtain expert’s analysis, which leads to increased safety and competition of the product and customers’ trust in the product.


The company specialises in testing and certifying safety in multiple areas, issuing certificates also for playgrounds. As producers we arrange the certification process as thanks to their tested procedures we save time and money. However, first of all we want to minimise risk due to top safety and quality defined by the high certification standards. Thanks to cooperation with experts and certification process we increase our competitiveness. TÜV SÜD  test our playgrounds for mechanical, functional and chemical safety.

TÜV Rheinlnd Polska

One of leading certifying and research companies in Poland. It inspects also playgrounds in compliance with PN-EN 1776 and PN-EN 1177 the unit performs routine inspections (visual inspections once a week), functional (checking the wear and tear, every 1-3 months) and basic (yearly). It tests playground for safety of swings, slides, ropes, roundabouts, rockers and climbing frames. Certification means preventing accidents.